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A Manchester lad exported to various parts of the country, depending on where the wind of work blew him, Andrew now lives in London. When not scribing, Andrew's out on his motorbike; exploring London's galleries, museums theatres and pubs; or occasionally torturing himself in the gym. A festival addict he's counting the days until the next week of camping in the rain. He wishes he could do some more scuba diving and talks about this when nursing a half full pint of real ale with his mates.


Videogame Credits

Confidential : Narrative consultant and writer. Confidential Client. January 2013 - present.


Confidential : Writer and Voice director. Confidential Client. November 2012 - January 2013.


Pirates! Legends : Writer and Narrative designer. 2K China. January 2012 - present.

Need for Speed : Most Wanted : Writer, speech designer, voice production and direction. November 2011 - September 2012

LEGO City : Undercover : Script Editor and story consultant. Travellers Tales. June 2011 - November 2012.


XCOM : 2K Marin. January 2011 - October 2011.

BodyCount: Story consultant, narrative and speech design, scriptwriting. Codemasters. May 2010-present.

Create : Text. Electronic Arts. July 2010.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows : Narrative and speech design. Scriptwriting. Cutscene and motion capture direction at Centroid - Pinewood studios, co-direction of voice overs. Electronic Arts. July 2009 – July 2010

WRC 2010: Voice Over Director, confidential project. Side/Milestone. May 2010.

Confidential Project: Writer, confidential project. Ubisoft Montreal. March 2010 - present

Confidential Project : Writer, design elements, confidential casual project. Electronic Arts. January 2010 – May 2010

Confidential Project: Writer on unreleased Wii project. Electronic Arts. July-December 2009

Risen : Lead Writer coordinating a group of three writers. English speaking localisation rewrite. Voice Director. Piranha Bytes/Deep Silver. February 2009 – July 2009

Confidential Project: Writer. Progressive Media. February 2009 - present

Dirk Dagger and the Nuclear Zeppelin: Writer adventure game Jadestone:Nokia. Wrote and directed marketing video, plus script and lyrics for promotional flashgame. October 2008 – February 2009

Prince of Persia : Epilogue: Narrative Director. Ubisoft Montreal. October 08 – January 2009

Prince of Persia: Narrative Director - writer, narrative and speech designer, cutscene, scripted event mocap and voice direction. Ubisoft Montreal.  October 07 – October 08.

Prince of Persia – The Fallen King: Narrative Consultant acting as writer, narrative/speech designer for a DS title. Ubisoft Casablanca.  October 2007 – July 2008.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince  : Consulting, speech design and dialogue (Console and PC version). Electronic Arts. October 2007 – May 2008.

Dirk Dagger and the Fallen Idol : Character and story design, dialogue and story writer. Jadestone:Nokia. January 2006 – October 2007

SOCOM–Tactical Strike: Script and reversioning of British dialogue. Side. Sept-October 2007.

Halo 3: Voice Over director for Jonathan Ross’s marine insert. Bungie, SIDE, June 2007.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Consulting, writing and designing story and dialogue for console and handheld versions of the game. Electronic Arts. May 2006–March 2007

SolaRola : Dialogue writer and story consultant. Progressive Media. May 2007 – March 2008

Progressive Media: Dialogue writer, story consultant. Three titles, Progressive May 2007-present

Development Project : Dialogue writer and story consultant. Rocksteady, Eidos. March – April 2007

Heavenly Sword : Consulting, writing dialogue elements. Ninja Theory. October 2006-April 2007 

Medieval II :Total War : Voice direction for Side, Creative Assembly and SEGA. March–July 2006

Whirlwind of Vietnam: Localisation and rewrite plus casting, production and voice direction for G5 software. April-May 2006

Side : Script editing, script polishing, localisation and consultancy. Various projects. Feb 2005 -

Extreme Breakout : Ingame script for Progressive Media. March – April 2006

Shinobido : Re-storylining, character editing and dialogue redraft for western release. Voice direction for Side and Sony. January – February 2006

X3 : Reunion : Story, mission design, and ingame dialogue. Casting, production and voice direction. Egosoft. August 2004 – September 2005.

Glory in Death : Story and script. Razorback, THQ, Nokia, Games Workshop. April-May 2005

Etrom : Dialogue, editing. Casting, production and voice director P.M. Studios. September 2005

Whirlwind of Vietnam : Localisation and rewrite on FPP. Casting, production and voice direction for G5 software. April 2005 – May 2005

Candella: Story, script and development consultant on new projects. Candella software, June 2004 -

Koch : Story, script and development consultant on various projects. Koch, February 2004 -2006

Singles : Flirt up Your Life : Script and story redesign/rewrite. Koch. January 2004 – February 2004

Driven : Redraft of in-game dialogue based on the Screenplay by Sylvester Stallone, May 2001. Bam! Entertainment. Recorded with Sylvester Stallone, Eric Myers and Greg Proops, June 2001  

Vis Entertainment : Consultant producing treatments and dialogue for various development projects.

Earthworm Jim 3D : Vis Entertainment. August – October 1999

JJ Longfellow : Creative consultant for Incagold, Big Afro, Extremes inc. Oct 1998-Jan 1999

Citadel : Storylined an unreleased fantasy computer game for Ocean, October 1996-January 1997

Andrew has spoken about writing for games at Austin GDC, BAFTA, E.I.E.F. the Animex festival and for TAPs. He has written on the subject for The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain, Gamasutra, PC Zone, the Writers’ Handbook 2005, the Screenwriters’ Handbooks 2007 and 2008, as well as a chapter in all three of IGDA Writing SIG’s Game Writing series. 


Feature Credits

Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva: Script polish for English version of an animated feature film. June-July 2010.

Finishing School : Commissioned to develop a teen action film for Storitel. May 2004 -2006

Screen Partners: The Haven: Feature - shot October, 2001. Cast included Nick Rowe, Alexander Siddig, Sophie Linfield and Cecile Thomsen.

Telephone Detectives: Feature - shot September, 2000. 


Television Credits

Emmerdale : Script Editor, Yorkshire Television February 2003 – September 2003. 

Family Affairs : Storyliner/Story Producer, Thames Television. March 2002- November 2002.

Byker Grove: Episode 16:series 12, Episodes 7 & 8:series 13, episodes 5 & 6:series 14 Zenith North. 

The Prince of Rags and Patches : Feature length adaptation of the Terry Deary Novel for Marsden Productions/HTV.  

Risk : Episodes 14 and 16. Risk Television/Mind's Eye November 2000-January 2001. 

Byker Grove : Story/script Editor for Zenith North, June 1998 - October 2000. RTS award winning series 10, Indy Award nominated series 10, series 11 and BAFTA nominated series 12. 

Emmerdale : Storyline writer for Yorkshire Television, December 1997 - May 1998.

Berlin FM : Storylining and development for a new German soap opera for Pro 7 in conjunction with Produktion Blau and Granada Television. March-May 1997.


Theatre Credits

The Wind in the Willows : Adapting Kenneth Grahame's classic for Sixteen Feet Productions September 2010 - 2011. Performed July - August 2011. Revised and performed July - August 2012.

City Shorts : Writing residencies for Eastside, Half Moon Theatre. November 2005 – May 2006.

TEXT : Writing residencies for TEXT/The Cripplegate Foundation. June 2003 – present.

Quondam Theatre - The Demon Drink, Get Randy with Brandy and Tales from a Rabbit’s Underpants, three One Act plays developed from improvisation. February 2001 - July 2001 

Five Bites Over Lunch : Commissioned to open the Ben Kingsley Theatre September 1996

The Morning After/Goldilocks the Trial : One off comedies for Diamond cable. 1995

Ten plays for The Hell or High Water Theatre Company - Me, Me and Me, Knocking on Heaven’s Door, The Morning After, Summoning Canananza, Faerie, Luv Story, Party Politics, A Midsummer Night’s Dreaming, Where the Ideas Are, Loom! – The Musical

Radio Credits

White Out : A thriller for BBC Radio 4. Recorded and broadcast June, 2004.

The Book : Won The Woolwich Young Radio Playwrights' Award 1996.


Animation Credits

Those Scurvy Rascals : Story and script for new animated series. November 2005 – January 2006

MacKinnon & Saunders : Script development for animation projects, March 1997 onwards. Inc

      - Pixel and Quark : A children’s animation Nov 2000 - March 2001.

      - Moonjelly 1996-1999.

Impossible Mission : Writer/creative consultant for a live action/animation. PRS Productions, 2000.


Comic Credits

Bitter - Bitter Serie, June 2011-

Risen : The Don’s Story: The Inquisitor’s Tale Deep Silver July 2009;

Prince of Persia – Collector’s Edition, Ubisoft August, 2008.

Dirk Dagger in ‘The Poochie Predicament’, writer for Nokia, 2008.


+ Script reading, consultancy and editing experience for film and film development agencies.


Education : MA : Television and Radio Scriptwriting – Salford University, LAW LLB (EC) hons Leicester/Johann Wolfgang-Goethe Universitat (Frankfurt). Additional Courses : Dov Simens Film School, Hands on Directing - Patrick Tucker; Directing for the Big Screen - Simon Hunter.


Additional Information : Chair of the Writer’s Guild Children’s Committee and EC member; Professional Tutor on Salford University’s Television and Radio Scriptwriting MA

Hobbies : Motorbikes, scuba diving, history, theatre, film, video games, real ale, board games, exploring and mooching                            

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