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Secondary Education. 

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Andrew leads INSET training sessions on writing and drama in Islington for Cambridge Education Authority.


Secondary Education Experience


BAFTA Young Games Designers - Walthamstow Academy - BAFTA, EA. July, 2010.


TEXT - Highburyfields - Secondary school five sessions in school. July 2007 


East Side Educational TrustShacklewell – Worked with 15 S.E.N. Pupils (mostly dyslexic) to create an original play. 9 days in school. November – December 2005


East Side Educational Trust – The Power of Plants – Taught biodiversity, botany and debating skills to Gifted and Talented kids in Tower Hamlets. A summer school organised by East-side and the LEA.

Drama North – A one off story structure and story generating workshop with 75 kids aged from 7 to 19. August 2004.

Wentworth High School – Two half day sessions teaching story structure, script formatting and story development to Year 9 pupils. June 2004. This was followed up with a review session in July. 


TEXT     - Samuel Rhodes – SEN School – Working with Year 9 pupils with learning difficulties and behavioural problems to produce a television drama. Two classes generated their own scripted docu-soap in the same way a professional company would develop a new television drama. They researched their chosen subject (celebrity), created their own characters, storylined, scripted, edited and then filmed the drama. Nine in school sessions, two edit sessions. Jan- March 2004


Quondam Theatre : Alcohol project in schools in Newcastle and Cumbria. Worked in three schools and with The Customs House youth theatre group to produce four plays based on improvisation. February 2001 - July 2001 

Loom! - The Musical : Full length play for the National Trust and Wentworth High School Quarry Bank Mill, April 1998

The Royal Exchange Theatre : Set up and ran the Salford branch of the Young Exchange. Worked on the Summer School programme, First Stage programme for primary school children, Trafford Playdays - touring six primary schools to produce a play in a day at each. 1996-1997


Hell or High Water Theatre-in-Education Company : Formed and managed a T.I.E. company working in schools and colleges (11-18 year olds) 1995-1997


Pendleton College : Worked with G.N.V.Q. students running workshops, directing and developing writing. 1996-1997


The Victorian Project : 'The Jew in Drama'.  For Leicester University's Arts Faculty. 1995


Johann-Wolfgang Goethe Universitat : Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany. Tutor and lecturer in English. 1993-1994


Eccles College : Roadshows taking 17/18 year old students on tour to local schools to perform and run workshops.  Masterclasses and tutoring 1991-1998


Wentworth High School : Teaching, tutoring, directing and running workshops 1989 - 2002


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