Prince of Persia



Client                 Ubisoft Montreal

Studio                Ubisoft Montreal

Publisher            Ubisoft

Released            2nd December 2008





Winner of Writers' Guild of Britain Videogames Writing award 2009.


The wind is free, but the sand goes where it is blown.  

Unaware of the world around it. Whirling on the breath of the Gods, at the mercy of the storm that engulfs it.  

What is one grain of sand in the desert?

 One grain amongst the storm?



"When we first brought Andy on as a Narrative Director for POP, we had no idea how much we needed him. He was able to deliver much more than the results that would normally have been expected of him, both in areas he himself pushed for as well as those that were heaped upon him during development. He can write, design and direct, and was called upon to use all of his skills as a Narrative Director time and time again on POP, all the while maintaining an incredible friendly and professional composure. There aren't many people out there who can help drive the creative vision of a project at the highest level from a narrative and story telling perspective while ensuring that the game doesn't lose its interactivity. Andrew is one of them. I most definitely plan on working with him again as soon as I can."

Ben Mattes - Producer Prince of Persia.




Credits and recollections





"Working with Andy on Prince of Persia was a real pleasure. He got strong skills in game, so it's a real bonus to work with him on a game. As level design director, my collaboration with him was very constructive to deliver the best game possible. I can also say that ,besides all his professional strength, Andy is very great to work with."

Francois Emery - Directeur Level Design, Ubisoft Montreal



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