Dirk Dagger and the Fallen Idol


Client                 Jadestone

Studio                Jadestone (Stockholm)

Publisher            Nokia

Release Date      August 19, 2008


 Credits and recollections


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Speech Design


Narrative Design




Character Design

World Design/Lore

Games Design


 "I honestly had the pleasure, and I mean pleasure, to work with Andy on this project. His writing was everything I hoped it would be, and more. I had tons of moments through out the development when an otherwise bad day switched to a good one, just by reading his text. Brilliant! The biggest surprise though was that he had such a good skills on game design too! His contribution on that side should not be forgotten. I can highly recommend Andy for any kind of writing job (humour seems to be his speciality) there is. He's fun to work with and he's good. What else you need?"

Samuli Huuhtanen - Producer, Nokia



Clark Gabriel and Chastity Honeysaint on set shooting 'Julius - Seize Her!

Harry Cannon on the case.


Buy Dirk - http://www.n-gage.com/ngi/ngage/web/uk/en/showroom/gamedetail.205.GameDetail.html



Gameplay preview -



"“Interactive story telling is hard. As a game producer I have screened a huge amount of willing writers. But willing and knowing is far from the same thing. Andy is one of few that truly understands what interactive storytelling is about. Apart from that he makes an excellent team member with all the demands that comes with beeing part of a development team. By the way, he makes funny dialoge if you ask him to, and funny is hard to order."


Jonas Jepson, video game producer, Jadestone


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