Client                 Cliffhanger Productions

Studio                Piranha Bytes

Publisher            Deep Silver

Release Date      02/10/09



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Console (Xbox 360, Ps3, PC) 

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Voice Director (English Version)


 “I've worked with Andy on the English rewrite and the English voice direction of the dialogs of the game 'Risen'. The game is a massive single player RPG, so it was a complicated and big project for all of us. At first the Publisher and I had a general idea of where we wanted to go with this title, but with Andy on board the idea of just having a good localization developed into a living and breathing project that easily surpassed our high expectations. He did not only understand exactly what we were looking for in basically no time, he also worked hard, showed passion and believed in what we were working on. I can recommend him for any story work you've got, he's got the spirit.”

Michael Paeck - Cliffhanger Productions


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