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A Tale of Theatres, Fair Folk and Coffee Faerie was Produced in the Attenborough Theatre in 1994 and short-listed in the Woolwich Young Playwrights' Competition of that year. An extract from the play was performed during a schools tour in June/July 1996. A redrafting of the play was performed along with Where the Ideas Are at The Ben Kingsley Theatre, Pendleton in February 1997.



The Morning After and Knocking on Heaven's Door were both produced in the Attenborough Theatre in 1993 and again in 1995. The Morning After was later revived for television (Diamond cable/Cable 7) and Monkeyworks P.T.Q. 1998.

Quondam Theatre - The Demon Drink, Get Randy with Brandy and Tales from a Rabbit's Underpants, three One Act plays developed from improvisation. February 2001 - July 2001.

Loom! - The Musical : A warm comedy developed from a 15 minute musical piece written for a showcase at Eccles College in December 1996, Loom became a full length play with music performed at Quarry Bank Mill and a Salford School in 1998.

Five Bites Over Lunch : Commissioned and produced for the opening of the Ben Kingsley Theatre September 1996.

Party Politics : Written and produced for Hell or High Water - toured June/July 1996.

The Victorian Project : For Leicester University's Arts Faculty. Adapted material from 4 plays, two novels, and a piece of film, to make up a series of extracts totalling 40 minutes and illustrating the role of 'The Jew in Drama'.

Luv Story : Produced in the Attenborough Theatre in 1995 and subsequently workshopped by the Contact Theatre, Manchester (February 1996 as part of the Manchester Airport Young Playwrights' Festival).

Summoning Canananza : Produced by the Chaincourt Theatre Company in Frankfurt-am-Main in 1994 and received good critical notice from the Frankfurt Rundschau. The play has subsequently been used as a basis for G.C.S.E. work in a Salford school.
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Me, Me and Me : Produced in the Attenborough Theatre, Leicester in 1992.

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