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Finished the game, but need the script and characters redesigned, or rewritten for release in the English speaking world? Andrew's localised a wide range of projects to date.

Can't sell your game because the publisher's reviewer slated the text? It's time to call in a professional.

"In localising the UK/US version of Singles:Flirt Up Your Life, Andrew's new take on the characters, story and dialogue gave us something that grabbed the reviewers' attention and made the title stand out from the crowd. The result was an interactive soap opera full of comedy and drama which gave the game a unique edge for the UK market."

David Blundell – Head of PR – Koch Media

Etrom logo Etrom :
Proofing, language and content editing. Casting, production and voice direction. P.M. Studios. September 2005. 29.575 words
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Whirlwind of Vietnam logo Whirlwind of Vietnam :
Localisation and rewrite on development project. Casting, production and voice direction for G5 software. April 2005 1,500 words -American 1960's military helicopter pilot talk Researched period dialogue and accurate military terms to produce the right period feel to the project.



Side :
Script editing, script polishing, localisation and consultancy various projects. Feb 2005 - This includes the localisation of a 150,000 word project.

Singles logo Singles : Flirt up Your Life :


Script and story redesign/rewrite. Koch. January 2004 - February 2004 After a title review of the project the publisher (Koch) approached Andrew to redesign the characters, story and dialogue for the game's release outside Germany. Taking the existing cutscenes and gaming parameters the game was completely reworked.


With script editing, story editing and development experience across television, games and animation, Andrew's a skilled team player who'll help you maximise the potential of your team and your project.

Available to work as a consultant, script editor, story editor, or project runner, he can produce in-depth reports, edits and support material for your game. His credits in this field include work with -

Side :
SideScript editing, script polishing, localisation and consultancy various projects. Feb 2005 -
Work includes
Shinobido. Localisation, rewriting, lip-synching and direction.
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Candella :
Story, script and development consultant on new projects. Candella software, June 2004-

Koch :
Story, script and development consultant on various projects. Koch, February 2004-

Hasbro :
Advised on style for mission briefings and in-game text, wrote example text February - March 2000.

Vis Entertainment :
Following work on Earthworm Jim 3D, Andrew was approached to produce treatments and dialogue for various development projects.

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