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With years of experience in story development in commercial television, theatre and film, Andy also brings a gamer's eye to the design of levels, missions, characters and story. If you have an idea that needs developing, a script that needs writing or an existing project in need of development then Andy has the experience to help.

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"X3 Reunion was by far the most visually impressive game at the booth"
the INQUIRER May 2005 (E3 news report)

A client’s view of working on story/script with Andy -
"When we started to develop Warhammer 40,000: Glory in Death we knew that the story and the script in particular would be key elements and the driving force behind the project.  The project features 4 different races of creatures which all have individually gripping stories to tell, the complication came from the fact that the stories take place at the same time and on the same planet.  For the player, this makes for an intriguing and enthralling single player experience as they play through the different points of view to understand what has happened during the turn of events.....for development and the writer, one false move and you have a mess.

Having worked with him in the past it was clear in my mind that there was only one true choice for who could handle this work.  Andrew's clear, focused and logical mind enabled him to work with the technical and developmental constraints imposed on writers in the games industry.  While on the other hand once he was set loose, his imagination and sheer creativity flowed quickly and smoothly into the project and enabled us to pass a three way approval system (the publisher, the IP holder and the platform owner) in a record time.

Looking back on the project, I can say that working with Andrew was a joy for all involved and the value added by Andrew was massive.  Although, like with all good writing, it can not be easily measured by looking at the game it can be easily seen and more importantly, felt."

Jason Blundell - Producer - Nokia

Driven : Redraft of existing in-game dialogue, introduction and level briefings for the game based on the Screenplay by Sylvester Stallone.
Worked with an in-house writer to polish and re-write the dialogue. May 2001. Bam! Entertainment.

This was recorded with Sylvester Stallone, Eric Myers and Greg Proops June 2001

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