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V.O. Production.

With a background in directing for the theatre (Hell or High Water , Ben Kingsley Theatre, Attenborough Theatre, Chaincourt theatre, Cripplegate TEXT project) Andrew also produces and directs Voice Overs for game projects. Working with studios, established sound engineers and credited Voice Talent in London we can find the best and most economic package for you. Andrew's V.O. Production packages include- Casting, Studio Hire, Direction, Mastering and Editing. No matter what the size of the project we can help you out!

 Whirlwind of Vietnam Whirlwind of Vietnam
 Whirlwind of Vietnam
Casting, production and voice direction, full game for G5 software. April-May 2006. 6 Voice Artists playing 8 characters. Recorded.

Casting, production and voice direction. Egosoft. April and September 2005. 20 Voice Artists playing 58 characters. Recorded in two different London studios over 8½ days. PC Zone 10/11/05 X3 - 92% 'X3 has some of the best voice acting ever heard in a game'.

 Etrom Etrom

Casting, production and voice direction. P.M. Studios. September 2005. Recording one voice artist for the developer's English demo - aimed at winning a publisher.


V.O. Direction.

Andrew has also directed for the award-winning audio company - SIDE.

Medieval 2 : Total War :
Voice direction. Side/Sony. March - April 2006


Shinobido :
Script localisation including full story edit, dialogue re-writes and text review plus voice direction. Side/Sony. January - February 2006


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