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Resources for Writers Working in Interactive Narrative

When I started in the industry there was almost nothing available. Today there’s a huge number of places to look to for resources and many of them are free. This is not a definitive list, it’s here to help you find some starting places and to answer some of the FAQs that come my way. I hope it’s helpful, please let me know what you think. PS It will be banging the drum for the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain. PPS I hope to update and expand this when I get chance.

Pay and Contracts

You’ll be amazed to know that ‘What should I get paid?’ is the main question I get alongside ‘How do I get a job’. *

·         WGGB Writing for Videogames guidelines This free resource is available for members and non-members. It has sets of potential rates and is crammed with advice compiled from sources across the world. Consider joining the TUC affiliated Union that represents videogame writers and hosts events alongside offering advice, a weekly bulletin and help.


‘How do I make connections, network, get advice and hear about opportunities?’, this ranks high in the most often asked questions. If you can make it then make it to events (an article on how to make the best of these will follow the release of this list).

The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain

The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain organises various events throughout the year. From online panels to in person networking events. Currently, I tend to post WGGB events on Bluesky Andy Walsh ( - Bluesky Twitter (X) Andrew Walsh (@englishscribe) / X (, or Mastodon Andrew Walsh ( can also be found on  The Writers' Guild (@TheWritersGuild) / X (

Other UK Events

·         AdventureX – focused on Indie adventure games, but often has a large presence from narrative people from across the industry and networking opportunities.

·         Develop:Brighton brings together the whole game dev community | Develop Conference – not too much narrative presence but can be useful for networking around the edges.

·         EGX London – has events around the country, good for finding out about the industry, can have narrative talks and sometimes networking opportunities.

Non-UK Events

· – love it or loathe it, GDC is still the biggest conference in the world for those working in the videogames industry. It has a narrative track and the potential for a lot of networking opportunities. It is also huge, expensive, overwhelming and sapping in terms of energy and time. It could lead to a lot of great connections, but not one event is magic, you must plan your event well ahead to ensure you get your money’s worth.

· – less well known than GDC, this conference has the feel of the GDC Narrative track before it moved to San Francisco and got so pricey. Whilst it is focused on students there’s a growing number of industry professionals and a great chance to meet people on the narrative track.

         LudoNarraCon – online event

·      Narrascope – online event


Interactive Writing

There’s a wealth of books out here, so this is not definitive it is aimed at providing a list of the books that will be referenced when people recommend books.

·     The Advanced Game Narrative Toolbox - 1st Edition - Tobias Heussner - (

·      Procedural Storytelling in Game Design - 1st Edition - Tanya X. Short (

·    The Game Writing Guide: Get Your Dream Job and Keep It - 1st Edition - (


The following books are referenced regularly and contain some great storytelling advice if taken with the following warnings. 1) They aren’t focused on interactive writing, b) No book is a magic formula, they are information that can help you build a toolkit and nothing more. That said you should be looking to learn about the art of writing in general and a number of interactive writing books seem to assume you can writer and focus on adapting existing skills to an interactive environment. Books on writing for other media can still be great resources for writing skills.

·    Save the Cat! by Blake Snyder | Waterstones


Learn how to use Word, Excel, Outlook, Google Docs (or equivalents), plus get used to teams, Google Meet etc. You will be using day-to-day software like this A LOT.
More specialised software (you do not have to invest in these unless you’re using that type of software a lot, save your resources) -

·        Twine

·         Ink (see also Ink: The Official Guide – inklestudios)

·         Articy:Draft 3

·         Scrivener

·         Final Draft 12 Download | Final Draft Online Store


When going to YouTube, remember to hit the Videos tab, not just rely on the front page.

Writers’ Guild of Great Britain YouTube

The wonderful free resource that is Writers' Guild of Great Britain - YouTube. Advice, talks that covers general writing advice alongside information on videogames, theatre, television, film, audio and more. The one drawback is that it can a little work to find exactly what you’re after. So, here’s a list of the videogames offerings –


·         Interactive writing portfolios – creating interactive portfolios - Interactive writing portfolios – creating interactive portfolios - YouTube

·          Dialogue as text – the unspoken secrets of writing interactive dialogue

·         Creating narrative in procedural worlds – writing narrative with and for procedural generation Creating narrative in procedural worlds – writing narrative with and for procedural generation - YouTube

·         Implementing game narrative – taking the words and making the magic Implementing game narrative – taking the words and making the magic - YouTube

·         Writing for indie games – creating narrative for independent studios Writing for indie games – creating narrative for independent studios - YouTube

·        Making choices matter in videogames (Jon Ingold) Making choices matter in videogames - YouTube

·        (In conversation with) Antony Johnston on Videogames narrative  Antony Johnston on Videogames narrative - YouTube


Adventure X YouTube
An excellent event in person, Adventure X also hosts recordings on YouTube AdventureX - YouTube

·       Jon Ingold’s superb talk on dialogue - AdvX 2018 - Jon Ingold - Sparkling Dialogue: A Masterclass - YouTube

Other Resources

I’m not the first person to put together sets of resources and information, so here are links to other resources that are out there.

·       Jan David Hassel JD's GameJobs List - Google Docs


CVs and Portfolios


Jobs and Opportunities

Currently, I tend to post these on Bluesky  Andy Walsh ( - Bluesky Twitter (X) Andrew Walsh (@englishscribe) / X (, Mastodon INSERT HERE



I am a proud member of these organisations –

The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain

The only union to represent script writers in Great Britain, WGGB offers resources to help writers, producers and companies.

Please click here to learn more and to join
Please click here for information on videogames, animation and comics
Please click here for television, theatre, film, or radio

Currently serving as the Co-Chair of the Videogames Committee, I’ve previously been Treasurer, Deputy Chair, Videogames Chair, Children’s Chair as well as serving on the Finance Committee, Welfare Committee and wearing a few other hats.

Every writer should be a member!

IGDA writing SIG

Games writer advice, information and camaraderie. If you’re a games writer, track us down today !


I work with Ben Ryalls at Linx, an agency that acts as a resource of creative services for game developers. If you need help making connections, or with production issues, Linx can help.

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